Historical Highlights

  • Pioneered container shipping into China in 1979 with 2 full-container ships sailing between Hong Kong and Huangpu / Shanghai
  • Landed the first fully-laden 40’ container on China soil (in District #10, Shanghai Port; now called Zhanghuabin Container Terminal ) in 1979
  • Shipped ex Hong Kong to Europe the first yacht built by the oldest local shipyard in 1979
  • Imported and commissioned the first western-built container transtainer to Shanghai Port in 1981
  • Asia’s oldest multimodal carrier in the Trans-Siberian Landbridge (TSR) transport between the Far East and Europe/Middle East since 1982
  • Joined hands with Canadian Pacific of Canada in completing a coal loading and transport feasibility study for unit train coal transport from Datong, Shanxi to Qinhuangdao Port in 1985
  • In 1992, cooperated to build and develop Shunde SSCMC Container Factory, which has become one of the three largest container manufacturers in the world
  • In 2000, worked with France Telecom Marine of France in submaruine fibre-optic cable works in the Pacific Ocean and South China Sea